*What do you know about estate sales?  

*Why is sale needed?

*When is sale needed?

*Sale location?

*Property type?

*What are you selling? 

*Questions you have







*At the sale site  

*At items to be sold

*At house logistics








*Restrictions, if any


*Foot traffic flow

*Security, Safety 

*Quantity, quality of  sale items

*Collections, rarities,

high value items 

*We write a contract to do a sale







*Our contract

*Our fees

*Our sale preparation plan


We Look

We Discuss 

We Pull and Put

We Welcome 

 We Reconcile 

We Clean and Place

We Research and Price

 We Reorganize

We Clean 

We Monitor and Engage

We Write 

We Let People Know 

We Negotiate

We PAY You

We Listen 

*EVERYTHING comes out of drawers, cabinets, boxes, etc. to give a realistic sense of how much there is and the structure(s) needed to stage to the best advantage

*Similar Items are placed in areas/rooms for hard staging later


*Items are dusted, washed, and polished and minor repairs are done


*Items in sets are matched

Furniture/large items are staged

*All items are priced and labeled with stickers/hang tags as appropriate then artfully staged.


*Large, high--end items, antiques, collections are researched for current fair market value using specialists, appraisers, on-line sources, past sale realizations, auction prices, etc.

* On-line sale advertising is placed on estate sale sites, company website and other sites to maximize sale exposure. Additionally, social media posts are made in increasing numbers as sale date approaches  

* Shopping guests are greeted and guided to sign-up sheet area


*On opening, shoppers are reminded of sale terms/conditions, and location of highlighted sale items


*"Sold" stickers are distributed and instructions provided for how to claim larger items on exit 


*Team members continually walk around sale spaces, talking with shoppers, sharing knowledge/stories of sale items, and answering questions they have . Customers are treated warmly while security and safety are enhanced 

We Explain

*As aggressive buying creates "holes" in sales spaces, items are shifted to fill them, maintaining safety, security, and attractiveness of sale items

* Monitoring and reorganizing takes place throughout the sale

It's tally time ... how well did we sell ...  it's simple. We balance the books, we cash the checks, we count the cash, we calculate commission, and we determine what you're owed   

*We look over unsold items with you and decide what will be done with them

*We write up an easy-to-understand settlement statement 

*We present the settlement statement to you for review 


*We do what's needed to leave your home in sweep-clean condition. No fuss, no muss for you 

*Your check is typically presented to you within 3 days of the end of your sale 

*When shoppers make offers or ask about price adjustments, our team will explain how pricing and bid offers work. We communicate with you on offers that may  be received 

Aardvarks to Zebras .... we're with you from A to Z

Call us: 919-624-0944

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