We assure lucrative proceeds for sellers and oh-so-fun sales for buyers following our proven CASH method. Each sale follows this process; it's comprehensive, responsive,  and results-driven. Best of all, the job gets done efficiently and profitably in a stimulating, yet relaxed and fun atmosphere.

   CASH for Sellers





* Gather information

* Confirm items to be sold

* Explore Logistics

* Anticipate seller Questions





* Stage for appeal, effect

* Clean, do minor repairs as needed

* Price and label items

* Research market value of high-end

  specialty items, collections

* Advertise


* Circulate for helpfulness, security, safety

* Ongoing staging as items sell

* Answer customer questions

* Negotiate as appropriate

Hand Off:

* A clean house

* Unsold items

* Sale reconciliation statement to seller

* Sale proceeds to seller

CASH from Buyers

Customer-friendly sale atmosphere

Appreciative staff members

Service-oriented goals


When we prepare any selling event, we do what's necessary to maximize results for the selling client; we recognize equally that prepared well, we're also setting up an event that maximizes excitement, fun, and a great customer buying experience for those that attend. We don't underestimate the importance of creating an appropriate balance between looking out for client interests and creating an event that entices customers to attend, buy, and return for more.  Clients expect it. Customers expect it. And our reputation depends on it.

Aardvarks to Zebras .... We're with you from A to Z

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