As caretakers and preservers of fine things, we understand that the process of valuing and  handling items under circumstances that may be sensitive or in some way challenging to those responsible for their dispersal, it's both reassuring and important to have a sense of who will be so intimately involved in the liquidating partnership. To that end, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We're Deb and Glenn Field, husband and wife team and owners of Aardvarks to Zebras Estate Sales, LLC. We, along with a hand-picked team of knowledgeable associates, bring 20+ years in the estate sale business together to form the backbone of a company who's "been around". Our business started as a hobby in Dayton, Ohio and moved with us when we relocated to North Carolina in 2002. It has remained a fun side business and hobby ... until now.

It's been observed that we never slow down; it's true and we know it won't change. That said, we knew we'd have a career in retirement and we knew what it would be.  We knew we'd take our "side business" to the next level and make it a full-time venture. We have and how right it feels!


Our servant-leader attitudes and the corporate careers which have supported us prepared us well and helped us hone the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to "career-ize" our hobby. We are unsurpassed in the know-how necessary for working in today's secondary retail market.  Without curiosity, willingness to listen, openness to learning, drive to set standards rather than simply meet them, research, feedback, knowledge of decorating and buying trends, economic climates, geographic appeal, and understanding the wants and needs of one's customer base, a business in this industry will become and remain, status quo. We have never been and never will be satisfied with that. Our corporate careers have demanded sophisticated skills and mindsets. So read on. You'll see that we aren't just talk ... we've lived and worked at what we say we are.  


Deb, the principal of our company, had a successful career as Director of Education and Staff Development for several large hospitals in Ohio and North Carolina, Director of Workforce Development for a national non-profit organization, and was a private organizational development consultant and strategist for physician practices in Dayton. Her most recent activities were focused on combining her primary interests - "thrifting" and buying and selling antiques - into a hybrid end-of-career, career. She is highly experienced in the retail and secondary market settings having served as Sales Manager in a large Raleigh thrift shop, being a high-end antiques dealer for more than 30 years, doing shows on the east coast and in the midwest, serving as a presenter/speaker/soft appraiser for organizations and antiques fairs, and, holding a North Carolina auctioneer's license for several years.

Glenn has had a successful career in administrative roles within the public healthcare arena. Most recently, his focus has been on opioid research and building action-oriented coalitions across the State developing programs to address this chronic healthcare issue. To further support healthcare providers working with a variety of behavioral healthcare issues, he is a certified instructor for the intensive Mental Health First Aid course. His interest and expertise in all things "old", stem from his significant work with architectural preservation, beautification, and restoration initiatives in Dayton. He himself, did 2 ground-up home restorations. After doing a grand piano restoration, he knew he'd found his niche; he is considered an expert in furniture reconstruction and restoration. 


And how about our team .... we are so very lucky to have a great group that brings a diverse range of knowledge, interests, and skills to the work we do. They have combined experience in both retail and corporate sales settings, the antiques arena, and are inherently driven to help others as evidenced by the years of charitable volunteerism  they've provided our community.    

You see? We're more than prepared with knowledge, skills, ability - and drive - to tackle your particular situation.  With enthusiasm, competence, thoroughness, efficiency, timeliness, sensitivity to the circumstances, and an easy sense of humor we're ready to work with you to serve your needs. Give us a call today at 919-624-0944 or 919-624-2907 to discuss those needs and set up a time for your free, no-obligation, on-site property evaluation. 

Aardvarks to Zebras .... we're with you from A to Z

Call us: 919-624-0944

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