We bet you do. So do millions of others. Home shopping ... it's "in" and here to stay.  Everybody's doing it and companies are hopping on the bandwagon to be part of it.


Introducing Aardvarks to Zebras Estate Sales, LLC.


We're in the home shopping business and have been since before it had the popularity it enjoys today. We're in the game and we're in it with a twist ...



By transforming YOUR home and the items you want to sell into sophisticated, eye-catching, artful displays designed to create pleasing, fun shopping experiences for every kind of treasure hunter.

Why shouldn't you do this yourself? 

A great question ... with an easy answer. The reasons for having estate sales can often be accompanied by some sort of "pain" - death of someone special or a divorce.  Perhaps it's a relocation situation - moving cross-country, overseas, or moving into an assisted living facility. Tight schedules, stress, emotionally laden situations, the feeling of being overwhelmed with figuring out what to do with everything are common experiences for those responsible for discarding belongings. We're experts at taking it all off your shoulders. Allowing us to assume the process for you eliminates the hardest of transition challenges; we give you freedom to move forward with ease.

We assure success following our proven method called CASH (Check, Arrange, Sell, Hand-it-over); each sale follows this process because it's comprehensive, predictable, practical, and best of all, helps us get the job done efficiently and profitably.  

Take a few minutes here to see how we can help you. Then, pick up your phone or computer and get in touch. We'll get all the information we need and schedule a FREE in-home consultation. And when you're ready, we'll work side by side with you to create YOUR perfect estate sale in YOUR home.


Aardvarks to Zebras .... We're with you from A to Z

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